Bagasse Packaging

Food Grade Packaging

We Manufacture, Food grade packaging Containing plates, bowls, Containers etc for the food service industry.

Typically used for Fast food and takeaways, Food courts, Airports, Theaters etc.

Pulp Packaging

                                                                                                      Non Food Grade Packaging 

Non food grade pulp packaging is typically used for products like Electronic Packaging, Bottles, eletrical appliances, Toys etc.

All our non food grade packaging are customised as per your needs.


Visfortec Undrtakes customised packagin requirements based on the clients.

We have teh in house capability to make our own moulds with the latest technology and at the same time feasible unlike imported moulds.

Get in touch with us for customised requirement in food or non food grade products.


Download our Brochure

Download our brochure with our food grade products. All our non food grade Packagin sis customised.  Get in touch with us for your specific requirement.